Big​ Blue Dog Spaw

Services we offer!

We offer a variety of services! 

Grooming Packages 

  • Haircuts/Bath Combos
  • Bath/Brush Combos
  • Puppy bath or Trim Combos

Add ons 

We offer a WIDE VARIETY  of shampoos specialized for your pets! Check out our Services TAB  for our selections and Add ons like Teethbrushing/Nail Dremeling/Anal Glands and more!

                              High Anxiety?

We offer EXPRESS packages which you can find more information in our services tab. We schedule your pup first slot of the day and work on getting your baby spruced up quicker for a shorter day at the spaw!


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All Breeds/Age/Sizes!

We work with every breed and ages! 

We work with young puppies 8 weeks and older along with senior pets with special needs. 

Our goal is to provide the best and safest experience for your pets.

                    Kennel Free!

 At Big Blue Dog Spaw we believe a stress free experience means pups get to run and play together before and after groom. 

     Furbaby doesn't like other dogs?​

No Problem! We have 3 kennel rooms that are spacious for your pet to be separated from the others for the safest experience!

Hours and Location!

Days of operation are Wednesday Through Saturday! 

Our hours vary while we are APPOINTMENT BASED ONLY! 

You can call or text 859-684-2766